Friday, October 3, 2008

Foodieview's Cupcake Taste Challenge

Last weekend I participated in a sweet experiment: the cupcake taste challenge. About half a dozen of us gathered at site owner Howie Wang's house in South Park, all bearing boxes of cupcakes from dessert shops around San Diego (I brought cupcakes from Michele Coulon and Heaven Sent). The idea was to compare red velvet cupcakes, but not all (including the places I went to) had them. So we did a red velvet cupcake challenge and an overall challenge.

As much fun as it sounds, it wasn't easy. We tasted 10 cupcakes and that can take its toll. But we had a good time and the great thing was that there were some outstanding cupcakes. Howie has just posted the detailed results with photos on his blog. So, go forth and take a look!

And, in case you're curious, my favorite red velvet was from Sprinkles.

I found it was the only one that had that slight chocolate flavor and that the cake and sour cream frosting worked nicely together. Overall, my favorite was Eclipse Chocolat's Chocolate Cupcake with Burnt Caramel Filling. It was moist and rich and I love Will's burnt caramel.

And, the winner is ... Go to Howie's blog to find out!

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  1. Thanks again for helping us out with the cupcake taste off, Caron. I hope you'll join us for another one soon!

  2. Caron, I tried Azucur in OB's cupcakes at the weekend, the red velvet and pumpkin spice well really good, very moist which I think is important in a cupcake.

  3. Thanks, Diane! Another shop to add to my list!