Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Gourmet Club Has a Really Big Appetite

Hope you're hungry because we're doing some power eating on The Gourmet Club this week.

Our first guests are Dean Loring and Sky Gornic of Burger Lounge. With three locations -- in La Jolla, Kensington and now Coronado -- Burger Lounge is "the" place to double down on organic, all-natural Tallgrass Beef burgers. Add to that the house-cut fries, onion rings, real ice cream milkshakes and homemade cupcakes and you could get seriously full.

Still have some room? Good, because we'll also have Allessandro Minutella, owner of Chocolat (and Osetra, Graystone and Panevino) with us. Chocolat is an original Milano Creamerie and cafe in the Gaslamp, serving gelato (of course) as well as pastries, crepes, paninis and coffee.

If we can fit it in, I'll be talking about the wonderful Sun Flour Bagel and its marvelous Japanese rolls. And perhaps some recent farmers market finds.

So, tune in for the hour. The Gourmet Club is the tastiest meeting in town. Join Robert Whitley and me this Wednesday morning on signonradio.com from 11 a.m. to noon Pacific. You can also podcast the show and listen at your convenience.

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  1. Caron – I tried out the New Zealand themed Bare Back Bar on E St. for their grass-fed beef burgers the other day and was absolutely floored. Delicious. And their sweet barbeque sauce was great. Of course, Burger Lounge's vegetarian burger is the best I've ever had and, since their Kensington location is only two blocks away, I get to partake regularly.

  2. I hadn't heard of the Bare Back Bar. Will have to try it. Very curious about the veggie burger but was craving beef yesterday. Glad to know it's good! So, what do you think of their fries?

  3. I Like every gourment product, bare back Bar a as much delcious just like Chocolate Covered Strawberries