Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Gourmet Club Turns the Lights Back On

We're back! Hurray! We have a new engineer and we're ready to roll.

San Diego County and about 30 farmers markets and one of the newest and coolest entries is the Little Italy Mercato. Mercato manager Catt Fields White is joining us on Wednesday to fill us in on her grand plans for the market, including some of the latest vendors to join her on Date St. How has she grown this new market so quickly and with such interesting foods?

Maureen is in Vienna but she may just call in to tell us about her adventures. Robert has just returned from Paris, so we'll be sure to talk about new discoveries in one of our favorite cities in the world. And, I'll be sharing my recent experience at Catalina Offshore Products.

So, tune in for the hour. The Gourmet Club is the tastiest meeting in town. Join Robert Whitley and me this Wednesday morning on signonradio.com from 11 a.m. to noon Pacific. You can also podcast the show and listen at your convenience.

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