Thursday, October 30, 2008

Election Night Partying: How Are You Rocking Your Vote?

I have to admit that I'm getting twitchier by the day anticipating walking into my polling place and then into the booth, ballot in hand. It could be one of the most momentous elections of my generation and I'm so anxious that it goes off without a hitch and, of course, the way I want it!

So, watching the results Tuesday evening is going to be a huge deal. It's going to require some hand holding, some camaraderie and, if all goes well, it will become a wonderful memory of where I was and who I was with at that historic moment. And, of course, it requires a great meal.

In anticipation of being on KPBS radio's These Days on Tuesday morning at 10, when San Diego Citysearch editor Erin Chambers and I will talk about election night food and events, I'm compiling a list of places to go, places to pick up election-themed foods and web sites/blogs where foodies are touting their election-themed recipes. If you have anything to contribute to these before Tuesday morning, please add your comments or send me an email.

So, here is what I have so far:

San Diego Events:

Official Political Parties:

  • W Hotel, Magnet Lounge: SD County Young Democrats Election Night Party at 7 p.m. (Columbia and W. "B" St.) Happy hour prices all night, 3 flat-screen TVs w/results. Bring friends (if Obama supporters).
  • Progressive Post Election Night Party. At the Halls, 1591 Dawson Dr., Vista 92081. 8 p.m. Watch the election returns on a giant screen, meet great local progressives. The Progressive Post will provide a main dish. Please bring your favorite dish to share. RSVP.
  • North County Democratic Unity Office, 135 E. Grand Ave., Escondido. 8 p.m. Food and drinks provided. Donations appreciated. RSVP: 760-690-4015, ext. 11 or
  • Eagles Lodge: San Diego County Dems can be found here at 3848 Centre St. in San Diego.
  • E Street Cafe: More Dems at this Encinitas restaurant. 128 W. "E" St.

No event listed on SD Young Republicans web site.

San Diego Hotels:

  • Grant Grill and VeeV throwing a Poll Party featuring their election selection menu of cocktails and appetizers named for the candidates. 6-8 p.m. Bring your “I Voted” sticker to receive complimentary VeeV cocktail.

  • Omni Hotels lobby and lounge: 6 to 10 p.m. multiple large-screen TV, poll-sliders miniburgers (cheese, grilled onions, pickle, tomatoes, fries), red recovery cocktails (citrus vodka and triple sec with cranberry juice and Sprite), Pull the Lever loaded up nachos (red-and-blue corn tortilla chips w/chiles, jalapenos, chicken, avocado, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream), All-American Patriot Apple Pie a la mode. At 675 L. St.
  • Ivy Hotel: Starting at 5 p.m. for San Diego's urban young professionals in the Ultra Lounge of Envy Nightclub. Featuring multiple large flat-screen TVs; red, white and blue decor and Obama and McCain drink specials for $5. 600 "F" St. in the Gaslamp.

San Diego Universities:

  • UCSD’s Eleanor Roosevelt College, free, all-campus event from 7 p.m. TVs to watch returns, panelists and student speakers, election prediction contest, free food and drinks

  • USD Hahn University Center Forum: 4 to 11. Free. Snacks and drinks served.

San Diego Restaurants and Bars:

  • Urban Solace: Featuring two special drinks on election night: the Barackatini and the McCain Wallbanger. The (red, white and blue) Barackatini includes: citron shaken with sour, pomegranate seeds, and a float of Blue Curacao. The McCain Wallbanger includes: Greygoose and Galliano In addition, they will be keeping a tally of drink order “votes” from patrons, and they will put up large board with a big map featuring the constant updates from the real election. 3823 30th St. in North Park.

  • Tango Wine: Election Night Wine and Cheer; 2161 India St., from 2 to 10 p.m.

  • Crescent Heights: The newest addition to downtown's eateries is hosting an "Eat, Drink and Be A-merry-can" evening with an all-night happy hour on election night. 655 W. Broadway.
  • Moonstone Lounge: It's the Hard Rock's roof bar and it has election-themed cocktails all night long, including the now ubiquitous "Ciroc Obama" as well as the "Palin Punch." 207 Fifth Ave.
  • Seau's: Those big screen TVs will have election night returns playing on them starting at 8 p.m. At Mission Valley Center.
  • Seaport Village Ben & Jerry's: Both locations are giving away free ice cream cones from 5 to 9 p.m. for those who vote (and even those who don't). Just tell the cashier you voted and you'll get a free cone. Limit one per customer. 849 W. Harbor Dr. at the food court and East Plaza.
  • Sea Rocket Bistro: A free glass of champagne to all guests election night and election returns shown on the restaurant's 10-foot projection screen throughout the evening. 3382 30th St. in North Park.
  • Sicilian Thing: Free cannoli with purchase on Election Day if you bring in your "I Voted" sticker/ballot stub. 4046 30th St. in North Park.
  • Starbucks: Tell them you voted and you'll get a free tall brewed coffee.

San Diego Foodstuff:

  • Venissimo Cheese: Cheese trays for wine and cheese on election night. For those rooting for the blue team, there’s a wide variety of blues in stock (made of all types of milk: cow, goat and sheep). For the red team, there are Red Dragon, Red Hawk and other red-washed rind beauties!

  • BGD Foods at Little Italy Mercato: Burnin’ Barack Obama Salsa for a Change and Kickin’ John McCain Maverick Style Salsa.
  • Cupcakes Squared: Get in the election mood with blueberry cupcakes with donkey flags and raspberry cupcakes with elephant flags. 3772 Voltaire St. in Point Loma.

Web sites:
  • MyRecipes: Election Night Celebration: Mad for McCain Tex-Mex classics like Arizona Tortilla Soup and Margarita Sunrise. Over the Moon for Obama? Wife Michelle says one of his home-cooked favs is a big pot of chili. Also Chicago-style deep dish pizza and Italian beef subs. And a uniter dessert: Chewy Red, White, and Blue Cookies.
  • Maine to California Election Night Casserole and Election Night Stew.
  • Yumsugar: Frosted sugar cookies decorated with your favorite patriotic design.
  • Clever Parties Blog: 2008 Election Night Candidate Favorite Recipes -- John McCain's Arizona Baked Beans, Barack Obama Chili Recipe, Senator Bidens' Favorite Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, and -- what else -- Sarah Palin Moose Stew Recipe.
  • BlogHer: My Twitter friend Kalyn Denny has Barack Obama's Family Chili recipe and John McCain's Rib's recipe up on her BlogHer blog.
  • Karina's Kitchen: Karina has a cozy brown rice casserole that will bake while you watch the returns. Beef, cranberries, black olives. Yum!
  • The Nibble: Election Night Cocktails: Obama-Rama; Obama Poma; McCain Mojito; Red, White and Blue Mojito
  • Dinner Tonight from the Editors of Everyday Food: Election Night (Food) Contenders: Editor and Twitter buddy Deb Puchalia gives a rundown on Martha Stewart's easy starters (cheese balls), mains (Deep Dish PIzza) and sweets (Baked Alaska), as well as her Shortcut Supper of chili. Plus, Deb tags other bloggers's dishes.

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