Thursday, April 17, 2008

So, Who is This General Tso Anyway?

And where do fortune cookies come from? We'll find out all this and so much more when we talk with New York Times reporter Jennifer 8. Lee. Her new book, The Fortune Cookie Chronicles, addresses these and other mysteries surrounding Chinese food. The book is a great read and Lee's research will surprise many readers who probably never even stop to think about the places and people involved in keeping them happily fed.

Joining us this week in studio is food writer Maureen Clancy. She's just returned from Boston, where she tried Clover-made coffee. The machine, which I wrote about when I covered Caffe Calabria, makes an espresso-like drink with a French-press technique. Starbucks just bought the company that makes them -- putting Caffe Calabria in a difficult position since they bought a machine last spring. *

And, we'll chat about Bravo's Top Chef with Brian Malarkey. This week, Ryan had to pack his knives. Good decision? I kind of think super slob and double soup spoon dipper Mark should have been booted off myself. Bad attitude versus unsanitary behavior? No contest in my opinion but Brian, who is executive chef at Oceanaire, will share his thoughts, which you can also find on his Bravo blog. And, Mike Mitchell, Oceanaire's general manager, will be on to talk about new restaurants with us.

This time Robert's away this week, so it'll be Ron James and I sharing hosting duties. Join us on online on Friday from 1 to 2 p.m. Pacific on Or podcast the show and listen at your convenience.

*Earlier I had written that Maureen was going to be talking about salads -- it was a miscommunication. Clover -- salads. Well, it happens ;)

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