Monday, July 7, 2008

When Sweets Collide

Two dessert trends are exploding simultaneously in San Diego--frozen yogurt and cupcakes. I'm puzzled. I'm curious. I'm trying to use logic when perhaps something else is at play.

But, answer me this: why?

Starbucks may be closing 600 storefronts, but frozen yogurt and cupcakes are seemingly everywhere now. What's your take? Is dessert the new lipstick or skirt length as a measurement of the state of the economy? Do we just want to get fat and forget our troubles? Or is something entirely different going on? And, do you think these are just passing fads or sweets that will stay in demand?

Help me solve the mystery--click on "comments" below and enlighten us with your wisdom!

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1 comment:

  1. It's a southern movement. It started with cupcakes in Los Angeles and slowly but surely has been moving it's way down via Orange County.

    Shortly after the cupcake craze came the "tart" frozen yogurt which exploded like crazy a couple years back and again is moving its way south.

    We're just the last to know down here!