Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Gourmet Club Heads to Roseville

If you live in Point Loma, then you must have heard the news that George Riffle (Laurel, Blanca, the Ivy Hotel) has opened a new French-Mediterranean-style restaurant called Roseville. With Chef Amy DiBiase, Riffle has created an upscale brasserie on Rosecrans that serves classic duck confit, Carlsbad mussels, frites and seasonal dishes.

It sounded intriguing to us, so Riffle and DiBiase will be joining us this week on The Gourmet Club to talk about this new venture and its unlikely neighborhood location.

Mike Mitchell of The Oceanaire will be calling in with his Mitchell Report. Tune in to hear about his latest gastronomic adventure in town.

And, Maureen has ravioli, raviolo and raviolini on her mind. Confused? Well, tune in and find out what the differences are between the three and what unique versions are so deliciously distracting her. Yes, I know I promised this last week, but we ran out of time. This week Maureen unravels this pasta conundrum.

The Gourmet Club is the tastiest meeting in town. Join Robert Whitley, Maureen Clancy and me for our regular Wednesday morning gathering on signonradio.com from 11 a.m. to noon Pacific. You can also podcast the show and listen at your convenience.

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