Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Gourmet Club Does Global Barbecue

We're going around the world via the grill on this week's Gourmet Club. Rick Browne, host of the PBS series Barbecue America, just published a new book, The Best Barbecue on Earth, and he'll be with us to talk about the unique dishes he discovered that have one thing in common--being cooked in the great outdoors.

From Ireland to South Korea and South Africa, from Russia to Brazil and Japan, we'll cover it all and find out what some of the most unusual outdoor eats were that he came across.

Maureen Clancy will be telling us about the new "it" bird--jidori chicken. It's showing up on restaurant menus across San Diego. Don't Google it; tune in and find out just what it is, why you should want it for a meal and where you can find it.

And, of course, we'll get the Mitchell Report from The Oceanaire's Mike Mitchell and Oceanaire's executive chef Brian Malarkey's take on the latest episode of Bravo's Top Chef. Last Wednesday, Mark from New Zealand had to pack up his knives. Was it the right decision? We'll find out from Brian.

The Gourmet Club is now on Wednesday mornings from 11 to noon Pacific. Join Ron James, Robert Whitley, Maureen Clancy and me at signonradio.com or podcast it for listening at your convenience.

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