Sunday, February 10, 2008

Caron to Appear on KPBS Radio's "These Days"

Tune in to KPBS radio's "These Days" on Monday, Feb. 11 at 10 a.m. I'll be a guest on the show with Eclipse Chocolat's Will Gustwiller to talk about chocolate. You can listen in at 89.5 FM or on your computer at

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  1. Noticed on Twitter that you were going to be on KPBS (yes, I'm stalking you on twitter, too). Unfortunately was in class when the show aired. Hope it was fun!

  2. Hello,

    I am writing to you as an emissary of local chocolatiers. I had a disturbing experience today with some Dallmann chocolates purchased in Hillcrest, and wanted to make sure the news got back to Dallmann. I e-mailed them, and am also sending you the same message, in the hopes you can make sure they get this important message. Here is the content:


    I purchased a box of 6 Dallmann chocolates from "Taste" in Hillcrest today (2/13/08). My husband and I ate them this same evening, and found that 2 of the 6 were moldy! One of the chocolates was a "Provence," the other one was not pictured in the list of chocolates, but was covered in milk chocolate with a purple and lavender flower motif (perhaps it was a "Jasmine?"). We took a bite of each of these, and were puzzled to taste a distinctive blue cheese flavor. I then noticed a fuzzy layer in my piece, and peeled back the chocolate coating to expose the entire ganache center covered in mold -- there was a layer of brightly-colored mold between the ganache and chocolate coating.

    We were quite stunned; we've never experienced this before! I thought you should know about this ASAP, as ours was surely not the only box affected.

    -- Sivan Ritz

    Thank you for your help in getting the word back to Dallmann about this yucky situation! -- Sivan

  3. Hi Sivan:
    I'm so sorry you had a bad experience with Dallmann chocolates and am glad you sent a note to Isabella. I hope you get in touch with Mary at Taste as well and let her know.

    I'm sure you're aware that these confections have a very short shelf life. I wonder how long they had been at the shop before you bought them.

    Please let me know what response you get.


  4. Hi Caron,

    Thank you for your reply. I did receive a quick response from Isabella, and it sounds like she spoke with Taste, and asked them to pull her current remaining boxed chocolates. Isabella has also promised me an opportunity to sample some fresh chocolates, so that I can get a more representative view of her work! But I agree, considering the highly developed state of the mold culture on the chocolates, there was some problem either with the length of time the chocolates were at the shop, or with the shop conditions, (temperature of the shop, e.g.); hopefully they set up measures so that this is not a recurring problem.

    Thank you again for your attention on this matter -- Sivan

  5. Hi Sivan:

    I'm glad that you got satisfaction from Isabella. I encourage you to take her up on her offer. The chocolates really are splendid.


  6. A little late... thank you for the Dallmann Confections: Candyland in El Cajon. I love good chocolates the onne you buy at Maison du Chocolat, since I live in Temecula... it has been a while since I tasted the chocolates I love. Tomorrow I will stop at this shop. I also noticed other articles about chocolate and goodies on your blog. Bravo

  7. Hi all:
    I just wanted to clarify that, in fact, Isabella sent out a fresh box of chocolates to Sivan the following day.