Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Picnic Basket! Benefiting Arts: A Reason to Survive

Back in December, the Cooks Confab had a wonderful street food event at the Little Italy Mercato to benefit a favorite program of theirs, Arts: A Reason to Survive.

Well, these are dedicated chefs and the program is getting another lift from them this Sunday with a picnic at the Pat D'Arrigo Arts Center at the NTC Promenade in Liberty Station. That's at 2820 Roosevelt Road in Pt. Loma in case you've been under a rock for awhile.


Here's the scoop: Cooks Confab chefs Andrew Spurgin and Donald Coffman (Waters Fine Catering), Antonio Frescia (Stingaree), Brian Sinnott (1500 Ocean), Christian Graves (JSix), Paul McCabe (Kitchen 1540), Trey Foshee and Trang Huynh (George's at the Cove), Olivier Bioteau (Farm House Cafe), and Katie Grebow (Cafe Chloe) will be joined by Brian Malarkey (Searsucker), Melissa Mayer, Aaron LaMonica (Blind Lady Alehouse), Lisa Altmann (Viva Pops), Ian Ward (Snake Oil Cocktail Co.), Jack Witherspoon, and Isabel Cruz (Isabel). All these wonderful chefs and the cost is only $50 for adults. Kids under 12 get in free. There will be craft beer, arts and entertainment, games for the kids, and just a whole lot of fun. Here's the menu:

Aaron LaMonica/Rachel Going – Blind Lady Ale House
Beef Short Rib Slider
Braised Meyer Ranch Beef in Aromatics + Hawai’ian Bread Roll + Slaw
Antonio Friscia – Stingaree
Fried Chicken
Jidori Chicken + Jalapeño Mustard Smear + Michelle's Buttermilk Biscuits
Andrew Spurgin/Donald Coffman – Waters Fine Catering
Sausage ‘n Salad
Italian Provolone Sausages + Gloria Tamai Corn + Suzie’s Farm’s Shelling Bean Salad
Brian Malarkey – searsucker
Not Your Daddy’s Lobster Loaf
Fennel + Arugula + Lemon + Smoked Tomato Jam
Brian Sinnott – 1500 Ocean
Pressed Watermelon Summer Tomato Salad
Mint + Feta + Orange Oil + Balsamic Powder
Christian Graves – Jsix
Summer Sweets
Chunky Hazelnut Chocolate Brownies + Strawberry Cupcakes + Oreo Cookies
Ian Ward – Snake Oil Cocktail Co.
Fig-Rosemary Lemonade
Housemade Fig-Rosemary Jam + Fresh Pressed Lemons
Katie Grebow – Café Chloe
Egg Salad Sandwich
Schaner Farm’s Eggs + Croissant + House Pickled Cucumber + Chips.
Lisa Altman – Viva Pops
Peaches and Cream + Watermelon Lime + Key Lime Pie + Chocolate Banana + Strawberry Cucumber with Mint
Melissa Mayer – Specialty Produce
Pan Con Tomate
Suzie’s Farm’s Heirloom Tomatoes + Dante Cheese + Padron Peppers + Pimentón Aïoli
Olivier Bioteau – Farm House Café
La Légumes de la Ferme
Suzie’s Farm’s Crudités Cornet + Extra Virgin Olive Oil + Aïoli
Paul McCabe – KITCHEN 1540
Confit of Local Albacore + Fava Beans + Temecula Olives + Mint + Basil + Ciabatta
Trey Foshee/Trang Huynh – George's California Modern
Asian Fruit Salad
Coconut Milk Soup + Mango Sorbet + Toasted Pinipig

"I wanted to come up with a fun and relaxed culinary theme for them," Andrew Spurgin told me. "Friendly for the kids and a great way to spend a summer afternoon. Throw down a blanket, nosh on some great picnic tucker prepared by some great chefs who care about the ARTS kids! Drink some craft beer and a fun creation from Ian Ward of Snake Oil Cocktail Co."

The event is from noon to 4 -- rain or shine. Bring the kids, bring a picnic blanket, and have a blast! For tickets, go to artspicnicbasket.stayclassy.org.

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