Monday, February 2, 2009

Most Romantic Foods Ever!

Valentine's Day is in a couple of weeks and already my inbox is flooding with press releases for special dinners, special chocolates, special dinner and chocolate pairings. You name it.

But what I want to know from you is what you think are the most romantic foods or dishes someone could prepare for you or you are planning to prepare for your loved one. Does it include dining out or do you prefer to eat in? Must it include chocolate or does some other food melt your heart? You can make it easy on yourself and take my poll -- just look on the right-hand column and choose your weaknesses.

I'll be going on KPBS radio's These Days a week from Tuesday (Feb. 10 at 10 a.m.) to talk about Valentine's Day foods and would love to share your great ideas for a special romantic meal. Just click "comment" below to add your thoughts. You can also send me a note through Twitter to @carondg.

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