Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall Fest: Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic Vinegar

For some reason Brussels sprouts are a controversial vegetable. I can't tell you how many people I come across who just can't stand them. I don't know if it's the flavor or the texture, but they have issues. Not me. I love these cute little brassicas. Especially roasted. And most especially when roasted with balsamic vinegar, which caramelizes them and adds a nice zing to their earthy flavor.

Usually, I buy Brussels sprouts by the bagful at Henry's, but I finally saw some still on the branch at Suncoast Farm's stall at the Little Italy Mercato. I've also seen them since at Trader Joe's. I like pulling each little ball off one by one and they seem fresher still clinging to the plant they grew on.

This is a recipe I use for both Brussels sprouts and baby artichokes. It also includes sliced garlic cloves and red onion.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic Vinegar
Serves 6

2 pounds fresh Brussels sprouts, sliced in half
1/2 large red onion, thinly sliced
6 cloves garlic, thinly sliced
Several sprigs of fresh oregano
Olive oil
Balsamic vinegar
Salt and pepper to taste
Grated Parmesan cheese (about 1/3 of a cup)

Pre-heat oven to 425 degrees. Bring a large pot of water to a boil.

Add Brussels sprouts to the pot of boiling water and blanch for three minutes. Drain. In a large mixing bowl, add the Brussels sprouts, onion, garlic, oregano, and salt and pepper. Drizzle with olive oil and vinegar and mix until the ingredients are well blended.

In a large casserole, pour just enough oil to cover the bottom. Add the vegetable mixture to the casserole. Drizzle with a little more olive oil and vinegar.

Roast, covered, for 20 minutes. Then reduce heat to 375 degrees, uncover the vegetables and sprinkle generously with the Parmesan cheese. Roast uncovered for an additional half hour.

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  1. I love, love, love Brussels sprouts. More for us, I say!

  2. These look like Thanksgiving to me!

  3. I also love roasted brussels sprouts! Although this week I made a braised version with bacon dressing: http://4seasonsoffood.blogspot.com/2010/11/brussels-sprouts-with-bacon-dressing.html

    I also made pasta with cauliflower and walnut pesto: http://4seasonsoffood.blogspot.com/2010/11/pasta-with-cauliflower-and-walnut-pesto.html

  4. Great idea, love the combination, thank you. I have a couple recipes for #fallfest this week; http://dejavucook.wordpress.com/2010/10/09/brocco…. http://dejavucook.wordpress.com/2010/10/10/scallo...

  5. What a lovely dish!

    My Fall Fest contribution was broccoli: http://professionalbakist.blogspot.com/2010/11/stuff-like-that-there.html.

  6. I'm not usually a brussels sprouts fan, but I had some roasted ones recently and they were quite tasty. I'm on a roll to cook some new veggies. I'll definitely being trying your recipe out!

  7. I discovered Brussels sprouts when I moved to the U.S. in the late 80s, and loved them from the beginning. Slightly caramelized, with a bit of sweetness and a touch of acidity would be a perfect rendition.
    I like your recipe, it is close to perfection, at least by my definition:)
    I prepared German red cabbage, braised with wine and apples.

  8. This looks great! I want to do a veggie dish for Thanksgiving that incorporates Parmesan cheese because it adds a piquant note and complements all the other items on the table. This looks like the one.

    I've been shopping at Trader Joes for awhile and have seen those stalks of Brussels Sprouts when they're in season - but I've never bought them. You've inspired me today. Thanks!

  9. Just came across your blog, what a great idea, and love all the brassica recipes (great cancer-fighting food). I just made soy glazed brussel sprouts last night. Found my stalk of brussel sprouts at Trader Joes as you mentioned.


  10. Oh, soy glazed sounds great and unusual! I'll have to try that.

    Denise, let us know what you think of Brussels sprouts on the stalk!