Sunday, October 31, 2010

Celebrate the Craft 2010

It took a two-hour nap to recover from the deliciousness that was this year's Celebrate the Craft. Congratulations to Chef Jeff Jackson and his team for a memorable Halloween edition. I was so busy eating and catching up with friends and colleagues I didn't take as many photos as I should have but here is what I caught that represents the flavors and mood of the day.

Andrew Spurgin (Waters Fine Catering) and Jeff Jackson (A.R. Valentien)

"Bacon and eggs" Brandt Beef style

Brian Sinnott (1500 Ocean)

Christian Graves (JSix)

Javier Plascencia (Romesco) and Josh Koppelman (Dining Out San Diego)

Javier Plascencia (Romesco)

Katie Grebow (Cafe Chloe)

MIHO Gastrotruck

Trey Foshee (George's at the Cove) and Jason Knibb (NineTen)

Trey's pork and kimchee

Happy Halloween!

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  1. Happy to see two good friends! Juan Miron from MIHO and Javier Plascencia from Romesco! love those Tj boys!

  2. Loved Javier's rock cod stew with the masa dumplings!