Thursday, March 19, 2009

World Water Week 09: The Tap Project

Yes, here in San Diego we're going through a drought. But, truly, that's nothing compared with the consistent lack of fresh clean water so many children around the world live with no matter the season's rainfall.

The Tap Project, which started in New York City two years ago, raises money for UNICEF's water and sanitation projects. It takes place during World Water Week using a simple concept: have restaurant diners donate $1 for every glass of tap water they would ordinarily enjoy for free. That dollar will provide one child in Africa 40 days of clean and safe drinking water.

In San Diego, about two dozen restaurants are participating this year's event, which takes place from March 22 to 28. You can find these restaurants at the Tap Project web site. Outside of San Diego, go to To learn more, follow the San Diego Tap Project on Twitter @sdtap.

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