Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Gourmet Club Loves a Good Deal

Nothing beats a good deal and coming up next week is one of the best for San Diego food lovers: Restaurant Week. From Jan. 11 to 16, over 150 local restaurants will be offering three-course meals for $20, $30 and $40 per person, depending, of course, on the restaurant. This is the time to scope out great restaurants you've only heard about or visit your favorites.

Calling in to talk about this winter's Restaurant Week is Ingrid Croce, owner of Croce's Restaurant & Jazz Bar, along with Croce's Top Hat Bar & Grille, Ingrid's Cantina and Upstairs at Croce's. You can thank her for launching Restaurant Week back in 2004. We'll talk about the variety of great places participating in the event and what you can enjoy that week at Croce's Restaurant and Jazz Bar.

Maureen is still enjoying her holiday vacation, so Robert and I will compare notes on great holiday meals we enjoyed and what we're looking forward to trying out with the new year.

And, big news: The Gourmet Club is now San Diego Gourmet and podcast only so listen at your convenience below:

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  1. Caron, any ideas for Inauguration Day party foods? My neighbors are hosting a pot luck on the 20th (the emailed invitation was in red and blue letters) and everyone has been asked to bring a "dish in the shape of an O," geared "to the time of the day you're planning on arriving" (it's from 8:45 a.m. on). Apart from donuts and Cheerios I'm clueless, and for me to go at all, whatever I bring has to be easy. So, I'm wondering, WWCD?

  2. Hey - Finally found you here! Yay. You are now in my Google reader. I wanted to share this link which takes some of the trends that people are observing and offers some helpful links to books, resources.

    Happy Healthy one to you and your girls!
    - Jacqueline