Saturday, January 12, 2008

Heads Up: Marukai is Opening Next Week

I stopped by the new Japanese market Marukai yesterday before going on the Gourmet Club, hoping that it had finally opened. But while the doors were open, the shelves were still being stocked. However, the store manager told me that Marukai would at last be open on January 17, with an official grand opening taking place in February. So, stay tuned. I'll stop by and see what they've got and how they compare to nearby Mitsuwa and Nijiya.

Marukai is located, along with Marukai Living and Daiso (the marvelous $1.50 store), at the corner of Balboa and Mercury, near Highway 163.

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1 comment:

  1. Hi from Temecula, CA only 1 hour driving from San Diego!
    I loved your " taste" post...I can't wait to visit this shop!
    By the way I am giving some European Style Cooking Class in Temecula
    A bientot