Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Firestorms Take Over San Diego

For those readers outside of San Diego, we've been hit hard with fires since Sunday afternoon. More than 500,000 people here have had to be evacuated and 1,000 homes have been destroyed.

So far, my area has been safe. However, for obvious reasons I'm not going exploring new places to food shop until the emergency is over. Schools and many businesses are closed. People are being advised to stay off the streets unless they are being evacuated and all of us are otherwise preoccupied.

People here are being asked to help their neighbors in evacuation centers with the basic necessities. The well being of pets, this time, is being addressed. There are a number of places that are taking pets but also need supplies.

Things are still perilous today and don't look like they'll be abating before tomorrow when ocean winds are expected. But, as the fires are contained and life returns to some sense of normalcy, those people who lost their homes will need help. FEMA is on its way, but, well, it is FEMA. If the Cedar Fire experience of 2004 is any indication, the Red Cross and United Way, as well as local synagogues and churches and other groups will be taking donations to give to those who need financial assistance. In fact, I think the local Red Cross is already doing this. Please give what you can.

I will be back with more foodstuff soon!


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  1. Glad to hear your area is safe. Sounds like shopping will be a new challenge, especially since I've heard plenty of local agricultural land has been destroyed.

    I look forward to hearing what news you have for us on post-fire produce!

  2. Thanks, Kim. That means a lot. It's been strange to drive around and see little markets -- like my local "farmers" market closed and stores like Vons with empty freezer sections. There must have been some transport issues for Vons and personnel issues for the little market -- which did reopen today, actually.

    But, you're right. A lot of land is going up in flames and that will certainly impact our markets, particularly our farmers markets. I'll try to do some scouting and report in. Our local Tierrasanta Farmers Market is held on Thursdays and I'm wondering if it will even take place.