Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Passion for Food: Introducing San Diego Foodstuff

This coming Monday, the current contract for grocery store union workers expires. You probably remember the four-month strike back in 2003. Reluctant to cross picket lines, we found alternatives in markets like Henry's and Trader Joe's for our regular shopping--and we liked them. We've come to enjoy the diversity of produce available and discovered foodstuff we didn't even know existed. Perhaps since then you've broadened your sights and ventured into the local Asian market or found yourself sampling delicacies at a neighborhood farmers market.

San Diego Foodstuff isn't about the grocery store union workers or their contract. But the issue serves to remind us that while there will probably never be any replacing the major grocery chains, we have a lot of other fascinating choices in and around San Diego. And, that is what San Diego Foodstuff is about. If you love the magic of finding fresh, flavorful food, love cooking and entertaining friends and family or love discovering something locally that you enjoyed in your travels, check in with me here. San Diego Foodstuff will be a guide to foodstuff resources in and around the county. I'll introduce you to neighborhood ethnic markets, specialty shops and farmers markets. We'll check out the products they sell and how we can enjoy them.

If you have favorite places you want to shine a light on, join in the conversation. There is a restaurant truism I've found that can extend to markets and other culinary shops. Years ago, when I lived in New York and Los Angeles, if you found a fabulous restaurant, you made sure you kept it a secret because it could get too popular and you'd never be able to get in. In San Diego, if you find an equally fabulous restaurant, tell everyone. You want to make sure it stays in business. Let's do the same for our other food resources. Let's tell everyone so all of us can support and enjoy these vendors for years to come.

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